Updated on Friday, February 02, 2024

Importanace of Bird Spikes

Are you facing issues with bird nesting and droppings in your apartment, especially on ledges and windowsills? Installing bird spikes is an effective solution to avoid this problem. Bird spikes are a cost-effective solution compared to other bird deterrent methods. They are made of plastic strips, as stainless steel strips are banned in India. You can fix the plastic bird spikes on your outdoor AC units, window sills, ledges, solar panels, etc. They are not harmful to birds.

Bird spikes make it uncomfortable and difficult for birds to land, thereby deterring them from the area.

The problems caused by birds in your Apartment?

  • Property Damage: Corrosion and staining of building materials from acidic bird droppings.
  • Health Risks: Transmission of diseases like Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis from bird droppings.
  • Blocked Gutters/Drains: Nesting material can cause water damage and flooding.
  • Fire Hazards: Birds nesting in vents or chimneys.
  • Noise and Nuisance: Disruption from bird calls and activities.
  • Equipment Damage: Birds nesting or roosting on air conditioning units, solar panels, etc.
  • Reduced Property Value: Lower appeal of property with bird presence and droppings.

How Bird Spikes Work

Bird spikes work by creating a physical barrier that prevents birds from landing or nesting on certain surfaces. The spikes are long, thin, and pointed, making it uncomfortable and difficult for birds to perch or nest on them.

Types of Bird Spikes

Bird spikes come in various types, differing in materials, lengths, and designs. The main types of bird spikes include:
Plastic Bird Spikes: These are made from durable and weather-resistant plastic. They are typically less expensive than metal spikes and come in various colors to match the surface they are installed on.
Stainless Steel Bird Spikes: These are made from high-quality stainless steel, making them more durable and long-lasting than plastic spikes.

Plastic spikes are generally are recommended one.

Bird Spikes Installation
bird spikes installation

Installing bird spikes can be a straightforward process, but it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure that they are installed correctly and effectively. Here are some general steps for installing bird spikes:

  1. Clean Surface: Remove dirt, debris, and bird droppings.
  2. Measure Area: Determine the length for the spikes.
  3. Cut Spikes: Trim spikes to fit the area, if needed.
  4. Apply Adhesive: Apply strong adhesive or bird spike glue.
  5. Install Spikes: Press spikes onto surface; use screws for added stability.
  6. Ensure Coverage: Install spikes densely to eliminate gaps.
  7. Check Stability: Ensure spikes are secure and stable.
Reach Keerthana Safety Nets for Birds Problem

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Common Queries on Bird Spikes

what are pigeon spikes?

Pigeons can be a concern when they roost in our areas, causing issues such as droppings and property damage on ledges, window sills, AC outdoor units, and other surfaces. Pigeon deterrent spikes are a simple and effective humane solution to deter them from landing in these places. Bird spikes create an uneven surface, making it hard for birds to perch or nest. Installing them is a straightforward process that can be done using basic tools and equipment.

How do Anti-Bird Spikes work?

Anti-Bird Spikes work by creating an uncomfortable and inhospitable surface for birds. The spikes make it difficult for birds to land or perch, encouraging them to seek alternative locations away from the protected area.

Do Bird Deterrent Spikes work for all bird species?

Bird deterrent spikes are effective against a wide range of bird species, including pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows. They are versatile and can be used in various locations.

Are bird spikes harmful to birds?

No, bird spikes are not harmful to birds. Keerthana Safety Nets Pune provides bird spikes as a humane and effective solution to deter birds from perching on ledges and surfaces. The spikes are designed to create an uncomfortable landing area, encouraging birds to find alternative spots without causing harm. Keerthana Safety Nets prioritizes ethical and bird-friendly solutions, ensuring the safety of both birds and the environment. Choose our bird spikes for a humane way to protect your property from bird-related issues, allowing you to enjoy a bird-free space without causing harm to these feathered creatures.