Updated on Friday, January 20, 2024

How Terrace Top Nets Works?

In Pune, the rooftops of the city go up like big, friendly giants, giving you a chance to breathe in some fresh air and get away from the busy streets. These rooftop spaces are like your own bit of the sky, great for enjoying the sun or watching the city lights at night.

The terrace is the ultimate place for enjoyment, playing, walking, clothes drying, gardening, etc. However, we are facing many problems there with birds and pigeons. One such challenge is the infestation of pigeons and other birds on rooftops and terraces. To overcome these issues, installing pigeon nets on the terrace would be the perfect solution. With our Nets, you can enjoy your terrace without worrying about droppings or unwanted guests

Terrace Top Nets are also designed to be visually discreet, so they won't detract from the aesthetic appeal of your property. The netting is available in a range of colors to match your property's existing color scheme, and it can be easily customized to fit any terrace size or shape.

Terrace top nets, also known as rooftop safety nets. It act as protective system to safeguard open terraces and rooftops from bird intrusion. These nets are commonly used in residential buildings, commercial properties, and industrial establishments to enhance safety and cleanliness in terrace areas.

Here's what our nets do

Keep you healthy: No more breathing in pigeon germs! Our nets stop droppings from falling down.

Make your terrace safer: No more slipping on yucky droppings. And no more worrying about pigeons carrying diseases.

Keep your things clean: No more scrubbing bird poop off your furniture! Your terrace stays sparkling clean.

Give you peace and quiet: No more annoying chirping or flapping wings. Just enjoy the fresh air and city views.

Key Features of Terrace Top Nets

  • Durable Material
  • Customizable
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Easy Uninstall & Install
Top Features of Terrace Top Nets

Why choose us?

  • We're the experts in Pune when it comes to terrace nets.
  • We use only the best quality nets, so they'll last for years.
  • We can customize the nets to fit your terrace perfectly.
  • We install the nets safely and securely.
  • We even offer maintenance services to keep your nets clean and working well.
  • Benefits of Terrace Top Nets:

    Bird Control: Keeps birds and other pests away from the terrace, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
    Low Maintenance: Once installed, terrace top nets require minimal maintenance and upkeep.


    Residential Terraces: Installed on apartment and house terraces.
    Commercial Rooftops: Used in hotels, restaurants, and office buildings to usable rooftop spaces.
    Industrial Rooftops: Applied in factories and warehouses to protect equipment from pigeons.

    Installation and Maintenance:

    Professional installation is recommended to ensure that terrace top nets are properly secured and effective in providing safety and protection. Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to address any wear or damage, ensuring the nets remain effective over time.

    Terrace top nets are a practical and effective solution.. By providing a protective barrier against bird intrusion. These nets contribute to a safer and more enjoyable terrace experience.

    Ready to reclaim your terrace?

    Contact Keerhana Terrace Top Nets in Pune today for a free quote! We'll help you create a pigeon-free haven where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

    (Frequently Asked Questions) About Terrace Top Nets
    What are terrace top nets?
    Terrace top nets, also known as rooftop safety nets, are protective barriers designed to enhance safety and cleanliness on terraces and rooftops.

    What are the key features of terrace top nets?

    Terrace top nets are durable, customizable, aesthetically designed, easy to install, and provide safety against falls and bird intrusion.

    What materials are terrace top nets made of?

    Terrace top nets are typically made from high-strength materials such as nylon or polyethylene, which are weather-resistant and long-lasting.

    How easy is it to install terrace top nets?

    Terrace top nets can be easily installed by professionals, with minimal disruption to the property.

    What are the benefits of using terrace top nets?

    Terrace top nets prevent falls and accidents, control bird intrusion, protect against debris, offer privacy, and require low maintenance.